OSS Committee Jan 2017

David Ince, President southwellianpresident@googlemail.com
Hannah Wood (Watson)
Barrie Doar, Secretary,
Patrick Bettison,

OSS Committee Jan 2017

Society Accounts

The treasurer of the society normally publishes a statement of accounts for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The last accounts are for 2013 and summarise the income, expenditure and surplus, together with the value of the Society's assets.

Data Protection

The OSS Committee has considered the implications to the Society of the Data Protection Act and find it is not required to register under the Act. However, we would like members to know that any information held will be used only for communicating within the Society, and with outside organisations, approved by them.

Other Notes

David Padley is an ex-pupil of the Minster Grammar School (1952 to 1959) and has given his time and expertise willingly and in most cases enjoyably.
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