Alvin Stardust 1942 to 2014

We are very sad to announce that Alvin Stardust, has passed away aged 72. He died at his home on the morning of Thursday 23 October.  His wife, Julie Paton, and his family were with him.
Alvin was only recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, knowing this he continued to perform up until the very last week of his life. Last month he completed his first studio album for thirty years, entitled 'Alvin' it is scheduled for release on 27th October.  Alvin was incredibly proud of this album saying rather propehtically that he would die happy having made the album, as it was his best piece of work. Read More...

Steve Pulford Personal Archive

SWP Image
I am now delighted to say that the Steve Pulford Personal Archive has been captured in its entirety and is now available on the OldSouthwellian website.

The archive of Steve Pulford's photos and document has been donated by Margaret Pulford to David Padley on the condition that it be made available to all by publishing it on the website and if the originals are deposed of then the proceeds should go to a charitable concern. The archive consisted of two large boxes of photos and documents of the school, scouts, family and sports and clearly represents Steve's abiding interests. It also provides us with some insight into his family life and there are one or two very good images of Steve looking very relaxed. Read More...

Tributes to Chocker Yates

Chocker Yates
A message from his son Mike Yates:- He would have been 99 years old in May. Alan (Chocker) Yates died on the 25th February 2013 having suffered progressive failing health for several years.
For the last few years he lived at Southwell Court Care home, until January 2011 with Betty (whom he survived by just over two years).
Last Friday, in an extremely weak state, he was transferred to Kingsmill Hospital in Mansfield. By then his condition had past the point at which Care Home personnel could be effective.
Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Kingsmill staff could not reverse his final decline. Read More...

Permanent Memorial for Steve Pulford?

Club House
The following is the latest update in the campaign to get some permanent memorial to Steve Pulford
Last Saturday (20th November 2010) there was a visit by a party of ex- Choristers to the Nottingham Road School, which included a conducted tour. Fellow Old Southwellian Malcolm "Gabby" Gough was one of those who attended, and he used this as an opportunity to approach Canon Blinston on the subject of having a feature in Southwell named Read More...

Tributes to Steve Pulford

Steve Pulford
We have pulled together all the content that we have on Steve Pulford. We feel that this is a better presentation to celebrate his life, times and legacy. If you have any more contributions, especially photos, we would be delighted to add them to this tribute. Memorial for Steve? The following is the latest update in the campaign to get some permanent memorial to Steve Pulford. Remembrance Service The spoken text, by John Bannister and Anthony Peabody, from the Service of Remembrance held at Southwell Minster. Tributes to Steve An amazing number of spontaneous tributes poured in from a whole range of sources. We have collected them together and you can read them exactly as sent. Read More...

Tributes to Kenneth Beard

Ken Beard
Moving to Southwell in 1959, Kenneth assumed the onerous responsibilities of two jobs, both of which had previously been full-time posts: as Rector Chori, directing the cathedral’s music, and as Head of Music at the Minster Grammar School, where his gifts were to benefit many hundreds of pupils. He also found the time and the energy to make a wider contribution to school life, including taking part in the annual school summer camp. Read More...

Tributes to Dudley Doy

Doy Maths
We have just come into possession of various tributes to Dudley Howard Doy who taught at the Southwell Minster Grammar School both pre and post the Second World War. He taught Religious Education (RE) and Maths. His great loves were mathematics, sport and the school. He joined SMGS in 1921 teaching Steve Pulford who then went onto Oxford to read mathematics. Read More...

RIP Policy

The Society and all of its activities are run with less that a few hundred pounds per annum income, the committee taking no expenses and so far the entire web costs being privately funded. So not much change from the past then! The time and effort that is available to the ‘webmaster’ means that the web can be updated between about 5 and 10 times per year with all the remaining time going into trying to create quality content. The ‘model’ that we aim for is a sort of monthly or bi-monthly ‘magazine’.