Alvin Stardust 1942 to 2014


We are very sad to announce that Alvin Stardust, has passed away aged 72. He died at his home on the morning of Thursday 23 October.  His wife, Julie Paton, and his family were with him.
Alvin was only recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, knowing this he continued to perform up until the very last week of his life. Last month he completed his first studio album for thirty years, entitled 'Alvin' it is scheduled for release on 27th October.  Alvin was incredibly proud of this album saying rather prophetically that he would die happy having made the album, as it was his best piece of work. Manager Andy Davies said, "Alvin and I had only started working together over the last couple of years because he and I believed that musically he still had a great deal to give and explore and so we recorded an album that is a testament to an artist who gave his career to music. I may not have known him long but even in that short time he proved to be one of the most genuine and likeable men I've ever met; his passing is a huge and sad loss". We would like to thank everyone who has sent messages saying how much Alvin meant to them.  He was every inch the musical gent and he will be sorely missed. 
Andy and Abigail.

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Alvin Stardust's funeral held in Swansea

In my opinion Bill is an important figure as he is the first Old Southwellian to have reached an international profile in the age of the web!