Reunion 2016 Back to Basics

In the past the reunion dinners have been mainly held in the Saracens Head Southwell but in line with the mood of the year (Brexit) it was thought that a change may well be no bad thing. At first the suggestion of the minster cafe was not viewed well but on relection its close association with the old Minster Grammar School was thougt no bad thing with the addition connection of the cafe being built on the foundations of the old chemistry and physics lab and the sports chaging rooms. The choice was an inspired one as not only was the food excelent but so was the service coupled with lots of chatter and a good deal of debate resulted in a winning formulae. Read More...

Reunion Dinner 2013

A message from Barry Doar the Secretary of the Society sent out prior to the 2013 AGM and 2013 Dinner at the Saracens Head:- If the Society is to continue it has to adapt to a new social environment or fade away. The Committee needs your help. We need more Committee members for a start. Committee members who are committed, and are in a position to take charge of projects from time to time, and see them through to fruition. We are particularly anxious to welcome onto the Committee younger members of the Society. At present we have just one Committee member who can be called "young", and who has given much valued service for a number of years. The future and relevance of The Society is a question that must be addressed. Please give it some thought and let the Secretary have your comments, ideas, suggestions etc., anything, ASAP. Read More...

Reunion 2012 for 1965 leavers

Redhouse 2012 1  06-2012
In June 2007 a number of our school year and partners gathered for a reunion dinner at The Redhouse, Kelham. We had a really nice evening and one of the attendees (Derek McGowan) suggested that we meet again. So we decided that we would and eventually went for a 5 year gap. The last meeting had been the year of the Bus Pass and free prescriptions for many of the attendees, this year it was State Pension time. Read More...

Celebration Concert 2012

Concert Face
A celebration concert was held on 25th February 2012 in the Minster, for individuals who have given a lifetime of service to the Minster and its School. The purpose was to crystalise the memories of those who have served the current school and its predecessors with a celebration, in music, of the best that can be offered by the combined resources of the school and its ex-students

Reunion 2011 Report

Saracens Head 250
The Reunion Dinner took place on the 16th April 2011 at the Saracens Head Hotel and 52 people attended. The numbers were a little down on 2010 when 60 attended, but there is still a trend towards a growing number of members bringing their partners. Although we tried hard to attract younger guests by offering a £7 discount for the under 30’s, sadly no one took up the offer. We did have some highlights:-


Ken Beard Concert 2010

Minster Ken Beard
The Old Choristers Association was reformed at the St Cecilia Concert in memoriam of Kenneth Beard (Rector Chori 1959 to 1988). In addition Ken was also head of Music at the Minster Grammar School over this period of time. In addition to the above event a tour of the new Minster School was arranged for those staying locally overnight as well as a nostalgic invitation to Sacrista Prebend. Read More...

Reunion 2010 Report

2010 dinner car
The annual dinner of the Old Southwellian Society and the AGM were held at the Saracens Head with about sixty people attending. A notable and welcome, feature of the dinner was the high percentage of ladies present both as guests and ex-pupils. There was a target year of ex-students who left around 30 years ago organised by Karen Lomas


Reunion 2007 for 1965 leavers

A couple of years ago I was emptying out a draw and came across a letter written by Michael Smedley, dated December 1994. Michael had organised a reunion that year at the Old Southwellian dinner for the Class of '58 (started). In the letter he had suggested we go for another get together in 1997, the year in which we reached 50.


Reunion 2006

2006 Runion Dinner
The society held its annual Dinner at the old church street site for the last time in 2007 but the real story of the event went back to 2003. In this year the Society was on its knees with few real members and very few indeed who we prepared to put themselves out to actually contribute. It would be correct to say that the society almost folded but a few rescued it .