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Reunion 2016 at the Minster Cafe

In the past the reunion dinners have been mainly held in the Saracens Head Southwell but in line with the mood of the year (Brexit) it was thought that a change may well be no bad thing. At first the suggestion of the minster cafe was not viewed well but on reflection its close association with the old Minster Grammar School was thought no bad thing with the addition connection of the cafe being built on the foundations of the old chemistry and physics lab and the sports changing rooms. The choice was an inspired one as not only was the food excellent but so was the service coupled with lots of chatter and a good deal of debate resulted in a winning formulae.

Those the went did not offer a single complaint (thats a record) and it was voted by many as the best reunion that most had been to. Plan are underway for the next reunion and there is a good chance that the venue may well be repeated. Mary Pulford the widow of Steve Pulford was the guest of Honour