Celebration Concert 2012

Concert Face
A celebration concert was held on 25th February 2012 in the Minster, for individuals who have given a lifetime of service to the Minster and its School. The purpose was to crystalise the memories of those who have served the current school and its predecessors with a celebration, in music, of the best that can be offered by the combined resources of the school and its ex-students

Ken Beard Concert 2010

Minster Ken Beard
The Old Choristers Association was reformed at the St Cecilia Concert in memoriam of Kenneth Beard (Rector Chori 1959 to 1988). In addition Ken was also head of Music at the Minster Grammar School over this period of time. In addition to the above event a tour of the new Minster School was arranged for those staying locally overnight as well as a nostalgic invitation to Sacrista Prebend. Read More...