OldSouthwellians Image Collection

There are currently 1350 images in the OldSouthwellian Collection that have been contributed by staff, students and from other public sources. Some of the images are very old going back to the 1890's. These images are basically arranged on decade blocks with divisions below them called 'sets'. They are housed on a global site called Flickr which has free basic access to all with facilities to download and copy.
To date we have have more than 635,000 image viewings from more than 12 countries and all the major continents of the world.
The Steve Pulfiord Collection is the biggest on our website and contains 750 images. We have integrated Steve's images into the decade sections but you can still find the 'Steve Pulford Collection' by clicking on the decade of interest you and they will be marked with the pre-fix 'SWP'.
The next biggest collection over more than 100 images were recently obtained by access to the Minster School History Archive and is accessed under the 'decade' section in question.

Nostalgic Images

Follow this link to see some nostalgic images and see how many you can identify.

Millenary Celebrations

We have 40 new images from the Minster School Archive covering the Millenary celebrations in 1956

Top Images

I have pulled together a set of 28 images that we consider to be the 'best of the best', see what you think.

Comment on an Image?

Click on the comment box below the actual photo and add you comment.
If you have a Flickr account it will post the comment for all to see and other can comment on your comments.
If you have no account it will invite you to open one and this is both a simple and free process. Flickr is a highly regarded site and used by professional photographers.

Copy of a Photo?

Click on the photo you require. Below the photo, at the far bottom left hand corner, you will see three dots (…) click on these and select 'View all sizes'. Look for 'Sizes' and then select 'Original' allowing you to download the photo at maximum resolution. Click 'Download the ordinal size of photo'. Select Save dialog box and proceed to save it to a folder or desktop of your computer. You are then free to print it or save to your own photo archive.