‘The Southwellian’ was a document, published annually, that recorded all the significant events, results and happenings in the school. It ran from 1894 to 1976 and was a key reference document for both teachers and pupils. Find out what really happened in your year!
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The Southwellian was a yearly, 30 to 40 page printed publication that covered every aspect of the school life. These included staff, governors, rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming, scouts, leavers, music, drama, the house system, 6th form society, OSS, and occasionally cross words and puzzles. It was first published in 1894 and lastly in 1976. There is a special 1956 56 edition that celebrates the 1000 year anniversary of the school being founded. You will be able to read the transition of the school from grammar to 'Secondary Modern' and all that brought to the school. The list below shows the editions that we have copies of. We would like to complete the whole set but are not sure exactly how many there are; can you help?

What New?

During January 2014 we have added 22 more Southwellians bringing the total now to 55 editions out of the 74 actually published and of course we are looking for the whole set. You may well be interested in the issues from 1936-37 to after WW2 including the views of Bishop Talbot, after a vista to Germany, and his comment on the "Hitler Youth.' You might also want to read the Easter 1926 careers advice for boys on 'White Magic' in practice its a very good bid to try to get students into electrical engineering which was the go-go profession of the age.
If you have any of the missing copies we would be grateful if you advise the OSS Committee