Covers both the history of the school and minster from on external documents. it also contains many copies of the Southwellian magazine, lists prize winers and names of the head boys & girls. Read the definitive history and documentary evidence of the Schools age.

'The Southwellian'

‘The Southwellian’ was a document, published annually, that recorded all the significant events, results and happenings in the school. It ran from 1894 to 1976 and was a key reference document.

Stories & Myths

This section contains stories written by staff and pupils. Some very moving stories of students first day experiences going back to the pre war period. These are first hand experience that even include an account of a student going to school in a pony and trap.

Rest in Peace

A section that is reserved for the teachers and staff who gave their lives to the school and those that attended. Includes Chocker Yates, Ken Beard, Dudley Doy and Steve Pulford. This is a very large section and a 'must read' .


Covers the last five years with 'first hand' experiences and lots of archived images. Includes concert in 2012 and Ken Beard's memorial. I would be grateful for more material in this section.