Celebration Concert 2012


We have 75 photographs that are posted under the photographic section of the website. The intent was to show the performers as they were during the practice and the performance. The deal that we had was to intrude as little as possible and with the odd exception this has been achieved. Hence in almost every case performers had no idea a shot was being take. In no case were any photos staged and we have the benefit of a lot of non-posed shots. In Short we have tried to tell a story. For convenience we have divided the concert practice from the performance. We hope that you like them and have fun spotting yourself and friends old and new. Concert Performance Images

The Event

A celebration concert was held on 25th February 2012 in the Minster, for individuals who have given a lifetime of service to the Minster and its School. The purpose was to crystallise the memories of those who have served the current school and its predecessors with a celebration, in music, of the best that can be offered by the combined resources of the school and its ex-students. The concert was a joint venture between the Old Southwellians Society and the Minster School. It involved choral, orchestral and solo pieces from current, ex-students and others. The soloists were Chris Littlewood tenor, Edward Cottell bass, Laura Baldwin contralto, Abigail Broughton soprano and Naomi Nettleship piano. The current President of the OSS (David Ince) will be a guest conductor as well as a sixth form student, Alexander Turner and of course Duncan Lloyd who pulled everything together. In terms of numbers, 77 students, 70 ex-students performed to an audience of about 300 people. WE set out to attract performances from a wide range of ages and we certainly did this with ages fro 10 to 80 plus and an equally diverse span of ages in the audience.

A Day for the Performers

The day belonged to the performers and what a fantastic bunch! From the pianist, the singers both solo the quartet, the group and the young conductor. But for me the evening belonged to Duncan; he wasn't frightened to bring on both the youngsters and the 'older' ones. I sat behind him and watched him with the baton, the command, the rhythm the sheer leadership, the guys a magician.

Message from Duncan Lloyd, Director of Music

Dear Southwellian (I don’t like the Old bit –something to do with my age I think!)
Please excuse this global e mail but I really do need to write and say a huge thank you for your attendance at the concert on Saturday. It is not for me to say how it ranks alongside other performances of this type although I do have my own opinion (!) but it is certainly up there amongst the very best. The soloists were outstanding especially Naomi and the quality of the performance reached in such a short time was nothing less than miraculous. You have sent many kind comments and it was great to see old friendships being renewed and new ones made. I hope very much that we can do another one before too long and will let you know as soon as I can when that might be in order that you can arrange a pass. In return I will try and avoid rugby matches. For those who prioritised Twickenham, well with a Welsh surname all I can say is that you got what you deserved!
Could you let me know if you have any ideas for future programmes. The King Shall Rejoice by Handel would be a good piece – it is another of his Coronation anthems and there is an excellent performance by the Sixteen on You Tube. I would also like to perform the Finale of Beethoven Nine – Ode to Joy as a concert closer. This would depend a little on forces and experience but what an ending that would be!
If you have any suggestions for improvements to the day, this would also be helpful. Begin all comments with: Following on the absolutely amazing performance last Saturday I would like to suggest…..!
Many thanks to you all and please keep in touch. Perhaps it is time to dust down those vocal chords/ instruments (please delete as necessary). If these kinds of events matter, then it matters that they are done well.
Your commitment and focus demonstrated to the students how a rehearsal should be run and what can be achieved when there is the will power to make it happen. For this I am eternally grateful because it matters to me, very much…
Every best wish,

Proceeds from the Concert

The proceeds from the concert will be divided between the School and the Old Southwellians Society but the society will then donate its share towards funding of a School Tour to Strasbourg and Tuscany in July of this year

Program Details

The program is very much worth looking at in detail and to this end we have a ‘pdf’ file of the entire document. This contains amongst others: -
A list of every student and ex-student that took part in the concert
Message from the Head
A short piece about the Old Southwellians Society
Details of the program and all the music performed
All the four solo singers and the pianist
Future events
Full Copy of the Program

Thanks to

The Minster School and the Old Southwellians Society are extremely grateful for the help and generous support given to this concert by the Dean and Minster Authorities. We are indebted to the Minster staff for their help and guidance, which has ensured that everything has run smoothly.
We extend our thanks also, to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for their invaluable help in serving meals during the day and the interval refreshments tonight. We thank the Minster Shop and A J Beckett for the sale of programs, and Robert Beckett of A J Beckett for his technical assistance.