Reunion 2012 for 1965 leavers

In June 2007 a number of our school year and partners gathered for a reunion dinner at The Redhouse, Kelham. We had a really nice evening and one of the attendees (Derek McGowan) suggested that we meet again. So we decided that we would and eventually went for a 5 year gap. The last meeting had been the year of the Bus Pass and free prescriptions for many of the attendees, this year it was State Pension time.

We were a little down on numbers from our previous gathering but against that we did pull in some new faces – and some having travelled a long way with Richard Beardsall all the way from Zambia and Stephen Hill-Harris from Ohio. It was also great to see Martin Willcock who had not been able to join us five years ago but had generously contributed to our drinks budget last time.

Among the ‘regulars’ a special mention to Francis King. Francis had a stroke a couple of years ago, but thanks to his son Pete for bringing him, was able to join the evening.

Last time we had 17 old boys and partners, this time we were a bit less since one or two folks had to change plans late on, but we still had 14 old boys. Namely Messrs Childs, Beardsall, Leivers, Hill-Harris, Jamieson, Elliot, McGowan, Pryer, Simpson, Marshall, Willcock, Smedley, King and Howes.

We met at the Ramsdale Golf Club near Nottingham. Nice location and the staff were so friendly. A big thank you to Barry Marshall for researching venues and choosing the location. Spot on Barry.

The evening was taken up with much nostalgia (one key task for me was to have Bob Jamieson sign the U15 cricket team photo of 1962. Bob was captain that year, and the only one who had not signed. Got him, only 50 years late).

This time we were entertained with a bit of an intellectual challenge – a quiz organised by David Pryer. Questions about school facts, our year achievements and guessing which master (name and nickname) from a brief description. And the winner was Stephen Hill-Harris, the prize provided by David being The Southwellian 1965. Also Michael Smedley was encouraged to repeat the form list from his speech of five years ago, especially for those who missed his brilliant performance last time.

As at the previous gathering the dinner was rounded off with a cake which my wife made. The focal point on the cake was a picture of The Southwellian, this time June 1962.

The reunion, like last time, was great fun. And we will be doing something again in the future, just watch this space.

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John Howes SMGS 1957-65