Steve Pulford Personal Archive

SWP Image
I am now delighted to say that the Steve Pulford Personal Archive has been captured in its entirety and is now available on the OldSouthwellian website.

The archive of Steve Pulford's photos and document has been donated by Margaret Pulford to David Padley on the condition that it be made available to all by publishing it on the website and if the originals are deposed of then the proceeds should go to a charitable concern. The archive consisted of two large boxes of photos and documents of the school, scouts, family and sports and clearly represents Steve's abiding interests. It also provides us with some insight into his family life and there are one or two very good images of Steve looking very relaxed. Read More...

Tributes to Dudley Doy

Doy Maths
We have just come into possession of various tributes to Dudley Howard Doy who taught at the Southwell Minster Grammar School both pre and post the Second World War. He taught Religious Education (RE) and Maths. His great loves were mathematics, sport and the school. He joined SMGS in 1921 teaching Steve Pulford who then went onto Oxford to read mathematics. Read More...