Steve Pulford Personal Archive

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I am now delighted to say that the Steve Pulford Personal Archive has been captured in its entirety and is now available on the OldSouthwellian website. Previously the Steve Pulford Archive was in a single collection but it has been decided to split it up between the individual decade segment. You can still see Steve's contributions as they are all preceded by SWP and worth a lover look is the 'Top Photos' from him.

The archive of Steve Pulford's photos and document has been donated by Margaret Pulford to David Padley on the condition that it be made available to all by publishing it on the website and if the originals are deposed of then the proceeds should go to a charitable concern. The archive consisted of two large boxes of photos and documents of the school, scouts, family and sports and clearly represents Steve's abiding interests. It also provides us with some insight into his family life and there are one or two very good images of Steve looking very relaxed. It has been displayed in the way that it was presented such that the documents that were together in albums have stayed together. There are some duplicates from OldSouthwellians but these have been allowed to remain to preserve the archive in tact. Overall it presents a fascinating insight into the man that influenced so very many of his students. There is much new material including 750 photos and about 1000 pages of documents that are part of the 18 additions of the Southwellian magazine that have not been seen on the website before.

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