Permanent Memorial for Steve Pulford?

The following is the latest update in the campaign to get some permanent memorial to Steve Pulford

Last Saturday (20th November 2010) there was a visit by a party of ex- Choristers to the Nottingham Road School, which included a conducted tour. Fellow Old Southwellian Malcolm "Gabby" Gough was one of those who attended, and he used this as an opportunity to approach Canon Blinston on the subject of having a feature in Southwell named after Steve Pulford Malcolm reports that Canon Blinston was overwhelmingly in favour of the idea, whether it be a Rugby Field, Pavilion, a street or road, and offered to appear at a future Town Council meeting to speak in support of the proposal, if that would be appropriate. As a result of Malcolm's lobbying over the past few months I understand that (almost) all those who would be involved in making a decision re the naming have expressed verbally their support for the idea. This includes members of the Town Council, past and present, and senior members of Southwell Rugby Club. Now we have the School's support. Malcolm has already been invited to attend a future Town Council meeting (? January 2011) to speak to the proposal. Obviously there is quite a long way to go before anything will be enacted. There is obviously the question of exactly which piece of land/pitch (if land it is what is to be named) will be involved. The ball now seems to be rolling in the right direction, and with the right people propelling it.

Watch this space!!

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