The Millenary Celebrations

Sony 1st Look   08-2014
The Millenary is the thousandth anniversary of the granting of a charter. By this charter King Eadwy gave to Oskytel, Archbishop of York, the Manor of Southwell. It is in fact a grant of land in and around Southwell and as a result the Archbishop of York were able to establish their Minster in Southwell and with it the church, the school and the palace. It is rightly our foundation date. Read More...

Crown Jewels, The Southwellian

1895 Cover.
Very simply put ‘The Southwellian’ is the most important reference document that was ever produced by the school. It was a yearly 30 to 40 page professionally printed publication that covered every aspect of the school life. These included staff, governors, rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming, scouts, leavers, music, drama, the house system, 6th form society, OSS, and occasionally cross words and puzzles. The 1955-56 edition is also the millennium edition that celebrates the 1000 year anniversary of the school being founded. You will also be able to read the transition of the school from grammar to 'Secondary Modern' and all that brought to the school. We would like to complete the whole set but are not sure exactly how many there are; can you help? Read More