Caps, My First Day

My first day at the Minster Grammar School started by leaving home at 07.45 and walking a mile in my brand new blazer and cap to catch a bus to Southwell. I came from a Secondary Modern School at 13+ and had NO choice of where I was going. This was a day that would influence the rest of my life. I asked one of the others if I had to wear my cap on the bus. If you want was the reply. At the Grapes Public house (now a house) came the cry "caps". This turned out to be because shortly we would pass Ernie’s home (maths teacher). On entering the schoolyard I just waited to be told what to do. Along with others I was ushered into the first room on the left after the round steps. The next was a blur even then but I ended up meeting three others who became and still are friends. They were Jim Welsh, John Walker and John Bradbury. We were told and given many things, a geometry box with tools (and I still have these), must wear caps if you are wearing your blazer even at weekends and a timetable with homework schedule (3 subjects each night plus five at the weekend). Never having done homework at Secondary Modern it was a bind but the rote learning of French proved its worth as 45 years later I gained an A grade in the subject. On my way home I thought “ I don’t like this " but over 50 years later I am so pleased and proud to have gone to the Minster School.    Patrick Bettison 1957 to 61