Wartime Grammar School

I well remember it was one day during the Easter holiday, 1940, the year of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. I was nine years old, and not a little apprehensive. I stood at my father's side while he rang, by appointment, the bell of the front door of the Southwell Grammar School. I was aware that this was to be a significant event in my young life. Read More...

More About Caps

Caps Image
The use of the tassel (and its status) on the school caps appears to have changed over time. So far the story appears to look like this

Pre 1951. (Inputs from Michael Boon)
Sub-prefect - braid on either side of front panel
Prefect - braid along all panels
Colours - tassel for rugby, alternate white panels for cricket and nothing for athletics Read More...

Isn't Science Wonderful

Science Appartus
After the poverty of the Undergraduate years, two years in the army and a further year at University, I was sufficiently desperate for funds to come to Southwell in the September of 1956 to teach Chemistry and some Biology. It was the third time that I had made the journey; in May I had attended interview for the post and in July I had come to play for the staff/pupil cricket match. A few days before the game I had fallen off a bicycle (don’t ask); some facial damage resulted and hence the nick name of Basher/Bruiser. Read More...

Even the Pigs Complained

Flying Pigs
My love of rugby took a severe knock at the end of the forth school season. I was playing in the school under XV’s and in the dying moment of the game I dived onto the ball to stop our opponent scoring a vital try. Fr my pains, I received a mouthful of apposing boot and staggered to my feet with blood pouring from my mouth. The final whistle sounded to end this the final match of the season, and I was cursing my bad luck. Read More...