Oxton Flyer

Oxton Flyer
I guess that we all think that we can recall the happenings and feelings on the first day at big school and certainly I thought I could but in practice the details are sketchy and only a few stood out. Here are my personal recollections: A windy morning and I seemed to be a long time since my Dad woke me up but its still only eight o'clock: I have been on one bus and would catch three more that day and every day to come. Read More...

Wrong School, an 11+ Mistake?

Bike B&W
We did get the letter about the school but Mam said that they must have got it wrong. They said I was going to Southwell but we never put down Southwell.
It all started one day near Easter at the Junior School (Hardwick Street Juniors if you know it) when they said that we had to do a test that afternoon but not to worry because it was only a practice. Read More...